Center for Contract Compliance

The Center for Contract Compliance (“CCC”) works with local, state, and federal agencies to combat the underground economy. In this collaborative effort, the CCC provides information and resources to ensure law-abiding contractors can bid on a level playing field for public works contracts.

The CCC focuses on issues related to prevailing wage, meal and rest periods, travel and subsistence, safety, apprenticeship, contractor licensing, and workers compensation premium fraud.

The CCC is committed to outreach and education, and provides information to workers, employers, and public agencies without cost.


Who We Help

We help workers that are paid less than prevailing wage, and we help law-abiding contractors that are forced to compete against contractors that gain an unfair advantage by not following the law.


How We Help

We help by investigating thousands of contractors every year to ensure various local, state, and federal laws related to prevailing wage, apprenticeship, travel pay, meal and rest periods, workers compensation, contractor licensing, and safety are followed.


Why We Help

We help level the playing field for law-abiding contractors bidding on public works projects. Our goal is to ensure contractors that follow the law are protected by the law.

For Workers

We provide information to workers about prevailing wage, meal and rest periods, travel time, overtime, and various other wage and hour laws related to public works projects.

If a worker wants to file a formal complaint against a current or former employer, we help by providing the necessary forms and to gather relevant background information that will help the enforcing agency process the case.

Our 2021 Activities

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For Public Agencies

We can provide background information related to a contractor's past compliance with public works laws. This is helpful so the public agency can make an informed decision whether to hire the contractor or not.

In addition, we are available to meet with public agencies to provide information regarding various laws related to public works construction.

As always, any services we provide are free of charge.

Our 2021 Results

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For Contractors

We prefer to help contractors comply with their prevailing wage and apprenticeship obligations before a violation occurs. As such, we try to help any contractor that requests it. Most topics can be handled over the phone, but we have met contractors in person when needed.

On rare occasions our case load may prevent individualized attention. If this occurs, we will always ensure the contractor knows where to find the answers so no contractor is left wondering what is required of them.

Our Team

The Center for Contract Compliance is comprised of individuals from various backgrounds, ranging from the construction industry to law enforcement. This diverse mix of individuals permits the CCC to investigate a wide range of issues. In addition, many of our staff is bilingual, allowing us to effectively operate all over Southern California.

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Fighting Fraud So Contractors Can Bid Fairly