Oct 202015

City of Santa Barbara AGENDA
2.Public Works – Defined by Labor Code
3.Public Works Requires Compliance with Labor & Apprenticeship Laws
4.Prevailing Wage Rates
a)How to Determine the appropriate period
b)Finding & Understanding the Rate Sheets
c)Asterisks, Pre-Determined Increases
5.Prior to Bid (checklist items)
6.Sample Labor Compliance Packet/Forms & Reading CPRs a) Owner Operators
a)Front End / Prior to Start of Work
b)After Start of Work
c)Circumstantially-Triggered Required Documents
d)Calculating wages due to workers
7.Apprenticeship Requirements

pdf Labor Compliance Training Workshop

pdf Exhibits for Labor Compliance Presentation

pdf Exhibits Reference Material CA State

pdf Public Works Reform Law (SB 854) rev 9.29.15