Oct 062013

CSLB will partner with private industry associations to provide a manageable test sampling of cases. Industry Associations would conduct field investigations and submit reports to the appropriate public agency to justify enforcement action. As part of the pilot program, CSLB is proposing to work with the following industry associations:

Work preservation Fund, Inc.
2705 Constitution Dr., Suite B
Livermore, CA. 94551-9206

Center for Contract Compliance
4399 Santa Anita Ave. #100
El Monte, CA. 91731

United Brotherhood of Carpenters
Carpenters Union Local 46
4421 Pell Drive, Suite A
Sacramento, CA. 95838

CSLB and the partnering public agencies will conduct training and outreach with the aforementioned industry associations as to the proper procedure for submitting the appropriate reports to the public agencies. This would include a checklist of suitable evidence and documents to be used by the primary public agency.

The Enforcement Committee will be asked to approve a new project that will:

Establish a Public Works Investigative Unit comprised of one supervisor and two investigators assigned to partner with public agencies and private industry associations to address:
Conntractors that have been disbarred from DLSE & Local Public Works Enforcement (Labor Code 7110.5)