May 062014

Senior Investigator for the Center for Contract Compliance, Branden Lopez made a successful request of the Department of Industrial Relations for a prevailing wage determination on a Public Works Project in the City of Chula Vista, California.
In this scenario the City of Chula Vista is a Charter City and believed they could publish and complete this project under their Charter and without the payment of prevailing wages. This is Branden’s third successful case against Charter cities who believe that their Charter trumps prevailing wage laws even for projects that are not of a “municipal affair”. The Foundation for Fair Contracting (FFC) in Northern California was also successful in a similar case with the City of Sacramento. Branden and the Center for Contract Compliance believe that, this lack of education and knowledge of prevailing wage laws by the leaders of these municipalities, is widespread and unfair to a vast number of contractors who bid on prevailing wage (public works) projects. The Center for Contract Compliance and the FFC in Northern California will continue to monitor these types of projects to ensure that the intent of the Labor Code is adhered to by municipalities including Charter cities, which ultimately leads to fair competition amongst contractors and the boosting of our local economies via payment of decent wages to workers.

Read the DIR Decision Here… pdf 2011-030 and 2013-006 Coverage Determination Letter 11.1.2013