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Monthly Data Report

Montly Data Report

With the ongoing effort to enforce Labor Compliance and combat the Underground Economy the Centers commitments generate large numbers of statistical data and results; which until now, have only been provided to management and the Board of Directors. It is my belief that the construction and business community needs to be aware, not only of our efforts but, of the urgent need for privatized Labor Compliance organizations across the country. We fill a gap and form alliances with the state enforcement agencies, to spotlight and bring to justice those contractors who have failed to, or are not willing to, abide by the rules and regulations established for the well being of all. The Labor Codes and regulations like all codes, laws and regulations are established and intended to protect and serve the citizens of the U.S.

With this in mind we will now include monthly updates defining the results of our compliance efforts.

James Reed
Executive Director

Monthly Data September October November December
Completed Audits 17 21 12 7
Completed Audits Assessments $410,026.57 $330,822.72 $171,910.68 $47,664.40
Civil Wages and Penalties $36,971.78 $0.00 $148,600.97 $198,786.95
DAS Complaints Filed 7 4 6 5
DLSE Complaints Filed 5 7 2 3
Year To Date Totals
Completed Audits 122 143 155 162
Completed Audits Assessments $2,078,481.07 $2,409,303.79 $2,581,214.47 $2,628,878.87
Civil Wages and Penalties $1,212,829.26 $1,212,829.26 $1,361,430.23 $1,560,217.18
Contractor Settlements $2,043,070.85 $2,350,361.54 $2,369,539.88 $2,369,539.88
DAS Complaints Filed 61 65 71 76
DLSE Complaints Filed 69 76 78 81