Jan 152015

Several workers, who were performing emergency mitigation work on this project, approached CCC Investigator Luis Carrillo inquiring about prevailing wages for their work on the County Building.

Investigator Carrillo followed up with extensive research on this project including funding sources for the emergency work. Carrillo also met with a County of San Bernardino representative and the Counties Insurance carrier who contracted on behalf of the county for this work, as a claims made settlement. The contract between the insurance company and three contractors, preforming work on this site, did not require the payment of Prevailing Wages.
Based on Carrillo’s research and collaboration with the CCC’s legal counsel it was our position that the project required the payment of Prevailing Wages based on partial county funds earmarked for the project and premiums paid by the county for the insurance policy that would provide the balance of the funding. When presented to the County of San Bernardino’s legal counsel, they concurred with the CCC’s position on Prevailing Wages.
An audit was conducted by a third party LCP and checks, for the difference between what the workers were actually paid and the prevailing wages due, were issued to 51 workers. All payrolls going forward will be made at the appropriate Prevailing Wage.
This case did not go before the State Labor Commissioner as it was agreed upon by the parties involved that it was a public works subject to prevailing wages and those wages would be paid.