Apr 062015

The California State License Board (CSLB) recently revoked two contractors licenses held by Falcon Builders Inc. for five-years (#B-949148 and #B-465691). The revocation also applies individually to Mr. Ronald Auger (RMO), and Mr. John Mercer (Officer), the two individuals named on the licenses.

The revocation were the result of six complaints filed with the CSLB by Sr. Investigator Branden Lopez of the CCC. The complaints alleged that Falcon Builders submitted bids for projects that fell outside the scope of a class “B” license, or failed to properly subcontract portions of the work to specialty licensed subcontractors in accordance with state law.

In addition, if Falcon, Mr. Auger, or Mr. Mercer apply for a license sometime after the five-year revocation period, the CSLB will require payment of $12,578.97 in investigative fees, and proof of payment to five previous unpaid subcontractors or suppliers in the amount of $92,576.81.

pdf Read the CSLB Revocation Order here